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You need look no further than The Box in Soho—say around 2 a.m.—where you might spot Prince Harry (who showed up this winter) mixing with gender-benders and pretty young things at the English satellite of New York’s risqué cabaret and VIP club.

In Shoreditch, Lounge Bohemia, one of the many new cocktail lounges taking cues from the retro-speakeasy movement, offers Czech canapés in midcentury Eastern Bloc-inspired interiors. Hotel nightlife has gotten a boost from the new W in Leicester Square, with Belgravia’s Belgraves hotel slated to open in the fall.

On the brasserie scene, meanwhile, chefs are displaying culinary pyrotechnics grounded in English staples and homegrown ingredients. Fans of kitchen wonder-boy Jackson Boxer are navigating the gritty Vauxhall area to dine at the year-old Brunswick House Café, which serves updates of classic British dishes amid vintage-eclectic décor. The herds are also trundling to Columbia Road to sample chef Ed Wilson’s takes on “Ye Olde” faves at his casual, carnivore-friendly Brawn.

Good taste is on display, too, in the city’s fresh-faced boutiques. Pop star Lily Allen’s upscale and sleek vintage shop, Lucy in Disguise, is the young socialites’ hot spot du jour. At Soler in North Kensington, women can choose from dozens of special cottons and silks, some vintage and some hand-painted, and have breezy custom duds whipped up right in town. Even dowdy old Liberty is now stocked with fashion-forward labels like Simeon Farrar, Carven and Crea Concept

Too much new in mighty auld Blighty? Old Guardians, the Royals and Westminster Abbey aren’t going anywhere fast—and that goes double for the queen.

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Conquering an Infinite Cave
There’s a jungle inside Vietnam’s mammoth cavern. A skyscraper could fit too. And the end is out of sight.
A giant cave column swagged in flowstone towers over explorers swimming through the depths of Hang Ken, one of 20 new caves discovered last year in Vietnam.

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Welcome to the Koh Mak
A natural, tropical island, Koh Mak, Thailand’s preserved “treasure”, … few shops, two internet café’s, and thirteen small, unassuming resorts.

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There are two great complexes of ancient temples in Southeast Asia, one at Bagan in Burma, the other at Angkor in Cambodia. The temples of Angkor, built by the Khmer civilization between 802 and 1220 AD, represent one of humankind’s most astonishing and enduring architectural achievements. From Angkor the Khmer kings ruled over a vast domain that reached from Vietnam to China to the Bay of Bengal. The structures one sees at Angkor today, more than 100 stone temples in all, are the surviving remains of a grand religious, social and administrative metropolis whose other buildings – palaces, public buildings, and houses – were built of wood and have long since decayed and disappeared.

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