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Inspirational Infographic Roundup UW Design Show 2011

The Design Division of  the University of Washington presents its best work at UW Design Show 2011, their annual exhibition of student’s work. Within the UW Division of Design there are three majors—Visual Communication Design, Industrial Design and Design Studies—as well as a series of courses in Interaction Design. The works on the show website are grouped in brand, print, exhibition, service, product, motion, interaction and information design while the last category holds some nice examples of information graphics.

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1sixty Design: A Digital Creative Studio

I’m a firm believer that “UX” is a verb- not a noun. It’s a process, and I believe that if documented and followed correctly, it’s a process that anyone can have a reasonable amount of success with. As professionals, we need to shout these solutions from the rooftops- not keep them as guarded secrets. To that end, I’ve outlined my personal process when designing for user experience and compiled it as a poster for your office wall.

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User Centred Design – Infographic Poster by Pascal Raabe

This is an information graphic poster illustrating the underlying lifecycle, methods, principles and techniques in a user centred design process where the visual part is only the tip of the iceberg.

User Centred Design – Infographic Poster by Pascal Raabe.

User Experience Diagrams

Several visuals and UX diagrams for reference:
The Elements of User Experience (PDF)
User Experience Cycle (PDF)
User Experience Honeycomb
Designing the User Experience
The Fundamentals of Experience Design
User-Centered Design Process (PDF)
The User Experience Cosmos (PDF)
The User Experience Workflow
User Experience Diagram Rationalization
The Experience Cube
User Experience Curriculum Diagram
Design Process (PDF)
Experience Design Flow (PDF)
Insight-Driven UCD Process
Dating example for Information Architecture (PDF)
Importance of User Experience
Interface Design Skill-set Diagram
Definition of user experience
A Model for User Experience (PDF)
Experience Map (PDF)
Experience Lifecycle
User Centered Design Info Graphic

LukeW | User Experience Diagrams.