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Big data startup Sociocast goes beyond analytics with new SaaS tools

I like this SaaS dashboard, although it’s is a bit gray and heavy handed with the gradients.

Big data and analysis startup Sociocast has launched two new Software-as-a-Service tools aimed at helping advertising and media companies better understand their customers, the company revealed today.

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GoodData: Make Sales more Predictable.

Minutes, not months, to visualize your sales pipeline, measure historical trends and predict revenue. Get out of report hell and focus on your KPIs.

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The Top 8 Killer Alternatives to Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most well known website analytics around, not to mention being one of the best. Although Google Analytics is a fantastic app to tackle your site’s analytics needs, there are actually several other options available that many would argue are better choices. We’ve pulled together eight of the best alternatives to Google Analytics and some information about each; price, plugins, mobile apps, real-time tracking and requirements.

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IT Automation Software Dashboards

IT Automation Software features. NTR Service Desk | NTRglobal.

ffunction | data visualization

ffunction | data visualization consulting company.

Specialising in user interfaces and data visualisation.

Geckoboard – Realtime Business Status Board

Web analytics, CRM, support, infrastructure, project management, sales… all in one place.
Geckoboard is a hosted, real-time status board serving up the indicators that matter to you.

Geckoboard status board: Introduction from Paul Joyce on Vimeo.

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