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I work for a small internal corporate design team so a lot of what was mentioned in this presentation I have seen. Goodwin started the presentation by asking “How many of you work at companies where design is so fundamental people get?” One person raised their hand. The presentation focused on a constructive way to bring about change in this type of work environment using the following steps:

1. Culture is the biggest lever, or the biggest barrier

You can’t change if you don’t know where you are or where you want to go, to build your case you need too see how the change will benefit you and others and communicate it to them.

2. Culture is the biggest lever, or biggest barrier

Your company does works a certain way and has been for a while. In order to change you might need to fail but not all companies embrace failure, missing and opportunity to learn form it.

3. Organizational change is individual change

Not everyone can or will move at once. Goodwin uses the analogy of mountains vs pebbles. If you are starting an avalanche you only need a small amount to start a cascade effect, but you have to convince the right people.

4. Settle in for the long haul, it’s never done

Real change, on average, can take 3-5 year but you are never really are done. Focus on the little wins it can be difficult but it will be worth it.

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